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GB Layout
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Circuit Diagram

The files above are provided on an as-is basis. I know there was an error in the pin layout of the circuit at one point, I really cant remember if the diagram was corrected or not so make sure to check as you go. I am not responsible for any damage that may occur to your Fluke (note however that I have been using my adapter without issue for the last 8 years and still do.)

Use of the files for profit in any way is strictly forbidden.

The files may not be posted anywhere else and public sharing is expressly denied. In the past, the source code has been provided both on this site and on very rare occasion to individuals however that has not been the case for many years now. The source was written a long time ago. Despite what may be written (by me) in the header of any files I hereby revoke as of 2016 any right or permission to share the files, most notably, but not limited to any source code repositories such as (for example) GitHub or BitBucket.

I cannot provide support for the contents of these files. Please do not track me down and ask me for help (it's surprisig how often that occurs). It is assumed that if you are building an adapter for such a complex bit of kit as a Fluke 9100 that a) you own one and are not looking to profit from the adapters and b) you have a very good technical understanding of digital electronics (you must have right? why else are you using one of these?), as such, there is nothing more than basic electronics here on which anyone should be able to work out any kinks!

On a final note, with so many hugely itelligent people putting so much effort (not to mention money) into tracking down this old tech repair kit, I find it such a shame that the effort is not instead being put into building modern replacements. With things like Arduino, Raspberry PI, FPGA and I'm sure plenty of others, it would be perfectly possible to have a unit the size of your hand that does 80% or more of all the main things that the Fluke does at a tiny, tiny fraction of the cost, in all likelihood in a package that most of us could build at home. Especially given that most users probably only use 30 to 40% of the 9100's fuctionality.

I guess I can dream!



©2016 Martin White (Guddler / Gudd)